Learning to fish is a big catch of pleasure. You don’t need to be a pro to reel in a great catch. A good technique, basic equipment and a few tips and tricks: that’s all it takes for a rookie to get hooked on fishing!

Angling techniques

So, how does one fish? There are plenty of techniques to choose from: line fishing, fly fishing, spin fishing, wading… Choose the technique best suited for you.

Line fishing

On a dock or on a boat, set up your line with a lure or bait, cast it and retrieve it tirelessly.

Let’s go line fishing!

Fly fishing

In a boat or directly in the water, set up your silk line with an artificial fly and go on with the show!

Let’s go fly fishing!


Put your line behind the boat and go with the flow.

Let’s go trolling!


After putting on an adrenaline-fueled fight, delicately release your opponent in the water.

Let’s catch and release!

Ice fishing

Through a hole drilled into the ice, jig your line or watch your tip up do the trick.

Let’s go ice fishing!

How to choose your own fishing equipment

What are the essential fishing accessories? Read the following in order to choose your equipment without breaking the bank.

What to do with your fish

You finally caught the perfect catch, great job! Here are our tips on cleaning, filleting and cooking your fish. It’s all about having an amazing fishing experience, from the water to your plate.