Line fishing

Line fishing often refers to an angling technique where you have to cast a rod. However, line fishing actually includes other techniques such as trolling, dead sticking and fly fishing. This section is specifically about the spin fishing technique.

What is it?

Line fishing is the technique most used by beginners. No surprise here, since line fishing is easy and super accessible! You can use this technique wherever fishing is allowed: on a dock, on a shore and, of course, on a boat.

The point of this technique is to use movement to attract fish. You have to put a lure (spinner) and a bait at the end of your line. Once you cast your rod, you can let the line drop in the water to the desired depth before retrieving. You can repeat this process as many times as you want, while varying your target as you see fit.


Count down the seconds between the moment your lure touches the water and the moment you retrieve. Increase the “waiting time” by two seconds every time you cast your rod. This allows you to explore different depths, which will in turn multiply your chances to reel in a fish.

In a boat2 pêcheurs dans une embarcation lancent leur ligne au lever du soleil

Line fishing is the best way to learn how to fish. However, in a boat, the technique has to be mastered to a minimum so that you don’t inadvertently hurt another angler nearby. Accidents do happen very quickly…

Can you cast your rod without any danger? If so, after exploring the lake and finding the perfect spot where fish is most likely to bite (ideally while trolling), you are now ready for action. You can then decide if you would like to let your boat slowly drift away, while repositioning yourself if need be, or if you would prefer to drop the anchor.

With young children

The repeated movements needed for spin fishing are more difficult for younger children. To make fishing more enjoyable for them, position yourselves at a promising spot and show them the dead sticking technique (fishing without movement). While they use this technique, you can try spin fishing as described above.

Des parents montrent à leurs jeunes enfants à pêcher à partir d'un quai.

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