Talk to any angler going home with a cooler full of fish and you will understand that trolling is a promising technique. Especially when fish don’t want to bite…

What is it?

It’s a piece of cake, you’ll see. Trolling is simply leaving a fishing line in the water to fish behind or on the sides of the boat while you are moving on a lake.

This technique makes it possible to explore a new lake, to cover a larger area and to seek the spots where fish are the most active. Here lies the secret of trolling!


If you move in the same direction as the wind blows, you will benefit from total silence. Trolling is an interesting technique to use with an electric engine, which allows for speed to cover quickly a larger area. However, paddling does have its advantages: the light strokes of the paddles on the water surface tend to attract fish. As they say, sometimes a little effort does pay off!

You can use the trolling technique as a group with other anglers. You should then use different baits and cast at different depths to see what works best and to spot the lake’s areas where fish tend to regroup in larger numbers. Once you find the perfect spot, the perfect bait and the perfect depth, you will definitely hit the jackpot!

Learn more

Find all the details on this technique and tips for setting up your line in the ABC de la pêche (PDF) (in French only), produced by the SÉPAQ.

See how to use trolling to find the perfect fishing spot.