Trying out fishing is a big catch of pleasure. You only have to find the right fishing experience for you. By yourself or with a group, find the right spot and cast your rod! Go on an adventure, take a deep breath of fresh air and connect with nature.

Where to fish

Fishing on a river, a lake, or the St. Lawrence River… On a dock, a boat or a kayak… Where to go? Have a look here!

Choose your own fishing adventure

Every fishing trip becomes an adventure. Whether you want to fish in the city or in the wilderness, for a single day or for an all-included stay, there is something out there for everyone. Choose the perfect fishing experience for you!

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Take up fishing

Everyone knows that there are plenty of fishing enthusiasts in the sea. Passionate anglers love to share their knowledge to beginners of all ages. Seize the opportunity to be taught by seasoned mentors, learn fishing pro tips and even develop new friendships.

Mentorat chasse pêche piégeage (FédéCP)

(in French only)
Pair up with a passionate mentor and learn from the best

Fishing by the rules

Québec has a ton of beautiful water bodies with a great diversity of fish species. However, the ecological balance of these ecosystems remains fragile, which is why fishing is regulated by laws. Before you cast your rod, have a look at the fishing rules you must follow: