Ice fishing

What does ice fishing and winter fishing have in common? Both are the names of a single fishing activity that is the most enjoyable to do in Québec!

What is it?

Ice fishing is the only type of fishing that can be done in the winter! Once the cold has been around for a while and had time to cover the lakes and the rivers with a thick layer of ice, it is time for ice fishing season.

Contrary to popular belief, many species of fish stay very active during the cold season – which allows for some spectacular catches! Picture the great joy of pulling out a large northern pike from a hole drilled into ice, or to catch tomcods hundreds at a time…

A lot of fish species can be caught during ice fishing season: walleye, pike, brook trout, cod, tomcod, redfish, halibut… That being said, fishing enthusiasts can pretty much enjoy their favorite activity all year round!

The coziest fishing experience

Fishing during the winter might seem off-putting. Yet, ice fishing is as comfortable as it gets and is one of the best fishing experiences to live as a family.

Ice fishing brings the cabin as close as possible to the fish! A shack is installed a few meters away from the fishing hole so that you can warm yourself up, take a rest and even grab a bite. On some sites, it is even possible to fish inside a cabin, through a hole in the ground, without having to go outside!

Where should you go fishing during the winter? Specialized fishing centers and most outfitting operations offer ice fishing packages and supply the necessary equipment (rods, tip-ups, baits), including a warm cabin!


For a successful ice fishing experience, we recommend that you bring:

  • Warm clothes to enjoy the outdoors
  • One or a few meal(s) that are easy and enjoyable to eat
  • Some sweet treats (hot chocolate, marshmallows, candy)
  • A good camera for pictures
  • A deck of cards, why not?

Learn more

Download this beautiful, illustrated PDF document Pêche hivernale techniques, leurres et astuces pour la pêche aux dorés, à la perchaude et au brochet (in French only). It contains pro tips and tricks to attract and catch those beloved fish species while ice fishing.

To learn about the basic principles of ice fishing, you can consult the blog of the Fédération québécoise des chasseurs et pêcheurs:

Also watch the breathtaking video Initiation à la pêche blanche (in French only) shot with a group of young guests at the Zec du Bas-St-Laurent.

Find your ice fishing centre!