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Summer vacationing also rhymes with fishing…

Have you decided to spend your vacation in Québec this summer and to try fishing? But you were told that fish bite less in July and August? Don’t be discouraged because trout seem to lose interest in your bait!

Many species are still very active in the summer and can bring you great joy if you take the time to learn about them… and if you follow some basic principles.

Which species can I fish during the summer?

Brook trout are indeed easier to fish in May and June when temperatures are still cool. But not all fish behave in the same way.

Summer is also a good time to get interested in predatory fish—northern pike, walleye and bass are some of the species that stay quite active during the warm season.

When to fish

First, choose your time: very early in the morning or at the end of the day, when it is less hot. Aquatic insects re-emerge during these periods, which attracts fish in search of food.

Where to fish

Next, choose a suitable fishing spot: shaded areas, deep pits and fast-moving water, where the temperatures are cooler. Choose places where structures such as rocks or tree branches allow predators to hide to surprise their prey.

How to fish

In the summer, fish are less “starving” than in the spring. The bait they would have furiously attacked early in the season may seem less attractive. But that doesn’t mean they won’t be tempted, especially if they think they see an injured minnow…

To attract their attention and encourage them to attack, let your lure drop deep and mimic the movement of the potential prey—irregular and jerky movements. Follow this principle by reeling in your line and casting again!

Happy summer fishing!

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