The exquisite walleye

Accessibility and chances to catch it

Also known as

Yellow walleye, yellow pike

Where to find it

St. Lawrence River, lakes

Why anglers like it

  • It is a foodies’ favorite: its white meat is firm and mild
  • It is one the most fished species in North America

Pro tips and tricks

How to recognize it

  • Average length: 30 to 50 cm.
  • Its body is olive brown, yellow or even grey and blue
  • Its big eyes are silvery due to light reflection
  • Its cheeks are smooth and have almost no scales
  • It has numerous sharp teeth
  • Its 2 dorsal fins are distinctly separated: the first one is spinous (12 to 16 spines), while the second one is soft-rayed.
  • Consult the detailed fact sheet (in French only).

Good to know