Tips and tricks

How to catch a walleye during winter

The walleye is an ice fishing favorite, and it is easy to understand why. This fish has delicious meat and loves to play hard-to-get under the ice. It is a great challenge for thrill-seeking anglers!

To maximize your chances to go home with a fresh walleye, professional angler and fishing guide Daniel Robitaille reveals his best tips and tricks. From choosing the equipment to finding out the best techniques, this video (in French only) will show you all there is to know to win over the exquisite walleye.

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Download this beautiful, illustrated PDF document Pêche hivernale techniques, leurres et astuces pour la pêche aux dorés, à la perchaude et au brochet (in French only). It contains pro tips and tricks to attract and catch those beloved fish species while ice fishing.