Women are fishing!

Fishing is not exclusively a man’s world! Indeed, women seeking fish, freedom and adventure are seen more and more on watercourses everywhere. Fishing is the perfect opportunity to take a break from a hectic daily life and connect with nature.

This growing interest from women immediately struck fly-fishing specialist Joannie de Lasablonnière while she was an instructor for Fauniquement femme (in French only) – a women’s-only fishing and hunting introduction program. After going through a one-hour fishing workshop, women kept asking for more. Joannie then decided to organize full fly-fishing trips.

With her friend and fishing pro Sabrina Bernes, Joannie de Lasablonnière went on to create La pêche au féminin (in French only). This group organizes activities in different locations across Québec that allow women to learn basic fly-fishing techniques.

A unique fly-fishing experience that will get you hooked!

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