Purchase your fishing licence online!

The weather is perfect for fishing, but you haven’t bought your licence? New fishers, make your life easier! Buy your fishing licence online on the new My Hunting and Fishing Account platform.

Your licence in your cell phone

My Hunting and Fishing Account can be accessed from a computer or mobile device. The platform allows you to buy a licence for all species fished in Québec, except for Atlantic salmon. To buy a salmon fishing license, please go to one of our sales outlets.

Once your license purchase is complete, download it in PDF format for printing or keep it on your mobile device.

Make sure you have a hard copy or electronic copy of the licence handy while you practice your activity. If you opt for the electronic version, you obviously need to make sure that your mobile phone is fully functional.

Convenient for vacationers as well as for regulars

You will find all the regulatory information required for the practice of your activity on My Hunting and Fishing Account:

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