The distinguished grey trout

Accessibility and chances to catch it

Also known as

Lake trout, touladi

Where to find it

Deep lakes

Why anglers like it

  • It is aggressive
  • It is large
  • Its meat is excellent

Pro tips and tricks

  • It tends to stay in the depths of a water body
  • Best lures: hard baits, streamer flies, Sutton spoons, Cyclops spoons, Daredevil, preferably silver or copper-coloured.
  • Use a sinking line during warmer months (sinking fly lines, lead-core lines).
  • Best technique: trolling
  • The secrets of fishing for lake trout

How to recognize it

  • Average length: 40 to 50 cm.
  • Its body is greyish to black with cream-colored spots
  • Its head is stocky
  • It has a large mouth with prominent teeth
  • Consult the detailed fact sheet (in French only).

Good to know